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The idea of this mailing list

Lattice Boltzmann methods are a recent numerical method for the simulation of fluid flow and related phenomena. During the last few years, this new method evolved into an interesting alternative to conventional CFD methods, especially in the case of complex flows.

This mailing list was inatially installed as the result of the DFG and KONWIHR-Workshop LBM2001. In the meantime there are about 250 people subscribed to the list. The basic idea of this mailing list is to increase the information exchange and discussion between different groups and individuals working with lattice Boltzmann methods.

Topics for this lattice Boltzmann mailing

In short, everything which is related to lattice Boltzmann methods and which is of practical interest:

  • announcements of workshops, conferences, job offers, etc.
  • discussions of theoretical problems with practical interest
  • discussions of implementation aspects
  • discussions of practical applications
  • ...

How to get on the mailing list

The subscription policy is "open". That means, anyone is able to subscribe/unsubscribe on their own to the lattice Boltzmann mailing list lb-methods using the web interface available at

What to do next?

The basic idea of this mailing list is an increased information exchange and discussion! In short, everything which is related to lattice Boltzmann methods and which is of practical and general interest can and should be discussed.

Perhaps you might start with a short introduction of yourself and your work. Just send a short description to the list!

How to send a message to this lattice Boltzmann list?

As a list member, send an e-mail from the address you are subscribed with to


That's all you have to do and all current members on the list will receive it.

If you do not use the email address you are subscribed with, the list maintainer will have to approve you post which may take some time.

Archive of the mailing list

All article posted to the mailing list are available online at To prevent robots from scanning the archive for email addresses they can use for spam, the archive is restricted to subscribed users. If you do not know your password for the archive, you can retrive it at the bottom of